Analogy Rocker Chair – New Product Spotlight

Rocking chair are not just for old folks. Many schools are integrating them into classrooms for use by elementary, up through high school aged students. Have you tried it? Is it the right move for your classroom?

The idea is to dispel excess energy allowing students greater focus on their class work. It might take some time for teachers to get used to their students gently bobbing back and forth, but many say it’s helped with concentration and behavioral issues.

Analogy Rocker Chair by Virco


Virco, the maker of several classroom rocker chairs, has this motto, “sitting still isn’t the same thing as paying attention.”

Sitting still isn't the same as paying attention

As kids with learning and attention challenges are participating more fully in standard classrooms at all levels, some have noticed the benefits these students are experiencing from the motion of a rocking chair:

• improved focus and attention span
• reduced fidgeting
• better participation and engagement

Read more about Virco’s active seating research by viewing their Move brochure.

Today we are featuring Virco’s Analogy Series rocker chair. It is available in 4 sizes ranging from 13″ to and extra large 18″. This covers the ages of students that can most benefit from gentle rocking while participating in the learning process, ages kindergarten through high school.

Virco’s Analogy rocking chairs have an ergonomically contoured polypropylene shell that flexes to accommodate different body types. The seat shells feature a waterfall front edge to promote good circulation in the user’s popliteal arches, lower legs and feet.  Order these chairs in any of the standard Virco color options, from neutral to cheery.

Virco School Chair Colors

The chairs also provide an excellent mid-back support and comfort to users of many sizes. The seat has contoured wrap-around flexible ribs, which are dynamically tuned to allow the upper back to flex more easily than the lower sections, a key to combining comfort and support.

Zuma ZRock Rocker School Classroom Chair by Virco

Look for Virco’s Analogy rocking chairs, along with their other series of active seating rocker chairs, the Zuma ZRock chairs to really rock out your classroom.


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