Add These 5 Overlooked Items to Your Church Today

Rita B Hays published her book, The Most Important Space in the Church: The Nursery in 2009. Since then, there has been a movement in churches to focus more on the smallest members of their congregations. In doing this, a great deal of time and money has been spent on programming, staffing and security. Meanwhile, the physical space itself is often neglected.

5 overlooked church items

So, here are 5 overlooked pieces of furniture that will help you create the very safest and most inviting space for your church nursery or worship center:

Fold and Lock Storage

It is common to share space with other programs in your church. For that reason, fold and lock cabinets are the best thing around. These shelves balance accessibility with security when allowing the room to be used by multiple programs. They’re easy to label, save space and are child-appropriate height.

Mobile Fold-N-Lock Storage Unit by Jonti Craft

Evacuation Cribs

Evacuation cribs, are often found in preschools where children are in daily attendance. However, they are commonly viewed as eating into the limited financial resources dedicated to children’s ministry. Now, because of this they are frequently pushed to the bottom of the proverbial wish list. Unless you only have a couple of babies in attendance or high staff to child ratio. Evacuation cribs are the only way to safely evacuate non-walkers in the event of an on-site emergency.

Backpack Cubbies

Even in the nursery, backpack cubbies are crucial to keeping track of things. Nothing says disorganization to potential member parents than diaper bags lined up haphazardly on a counter or along the wall. In this age of allergies and special instructions, every nursery should have a backpack cubby. Pair these with a reusable label system and your nursery will be ready for any new visitor.

12-Unit Backpack Storage by Whitney Brothers

Soft Climbers

Soft furniture that encourages gross motor exploration is crucial in a well-equipped church nursery. Church programming does not always fall in an hour-and-done time frame. Longer services and programs are critical for development that infants and toddlers have a safe place to physically explore. Providing climbers or gymnastic mats can assure that all developmental needs are always being met.

Tunnel Labryinth Climber by Childrens Factory

Pray-ground Seating

The upcoming trend is to add child-friendly spaces to your worship center or sanctuary with soft toys and quiet activities. A small table and chairs or soft seating is the perfect, stress-free way to introduce children to adult worship.

For more information on these products, and many more that can enhance the goals of your children’s ministry team, contact us.

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