Active Seating Help Your Students Focus

Nothing is more frustrating for teachers and students alike than a classmate who can’t sit still. Sometimes it is not the kid’s fault. Kids with learning disabilities find sitting still extremely difficult. How can teachers encourage good behavior and help their students focus?

The answer rests in the very chairs they sit in.

What Is Active Seating?

Active seating engages you as you sit. For example, a chair that allows you to bounce or rock slightly keeps your body active, taking the edge off of nervous or excess energy. These chairs come in a variety of styles and movement capabilities. All enable your body to move around as you sit, making it easier to focus while also strengthening core muscles and burning calories.

How Does Active Seating Help Students Focus?

Students with developmental disabilities or learning disabilities like ADHD have a hard time sitting still. These kids seek constant stimulation and find concentration difficult. Some developmental disabilities even result in decreased muscle tone. These students need to keep moving to prevent further degeneration.

Constant movement helps kids focus on the lesson by providing them with stimulation, releasing excess energy, and strengthening their bodies. Plus, exercise is proven to increase concentration.

Students without disabilities also benefit from active seating. Young children enjoy moving around. Most are not yet adept at focusing their attention on a single thing. Active seating helps them the same way it helps students with ADHD.

Active Seating Helps More Than Students 

Continuous sitting can kill you, according to recent studies. Sitting for twelve hours or more is directly correlated with serious health conditions. In a society that centers around stationary activities, this is bad news. Active seating is one way to keep your body active while you sit. Manufacturer’s such as Best-Rite and Boss make great ergonomic chairs that can prevent these health conditions caused by sedentary lifestyles.

Take The Next Step

Help your students or yourself focus by introducing active seating arrangements into your classroom or office. For more information, contact us.

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  1. I need some idea such as the active seating and chairs for an Youth Center.
    I am working in a budget project for 2016.
    Could you please provide me a quote for participants?
    These active sittings should be for either 13 to 18 years old to adults to use.
    Thank your for your consideration.

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