5 Good ‘Excuses’ to Decorate a Book Truck

October is National Book Month and who supports books better that a book truck? Okay, so maybe librarians, avid readers, writers and of course teachers… but still there are fun ways to incorporate library carts, book trucks, book returns and reading materials into October lesson plans. So we’ve thought out of the box and jotted down a handful of creative excuses for you to decorate your book truck.

1.) Roll into Adventure

Because book trucks and library carts are meant to be mobile, why not create a roll into adventure lesson plan? Create themed book carts and then put them in unusual places. For example, you could fill a cart with books about world cuisine and recipe books and roll it into the cafeteria. Then give the kids paper chef’s hats to wear during story hour or let them participate in food related, interactive learning sessions.

Book Truck Decorated with Food and Recipe Books
Image from Unshelved.com

2.) What’s Bugging You?

Keep in mind that book carts don’t have to be reserved solely for reading materials. They could be used to hold kid-friendly science equipment and insect specimens too. Therefore, it might be fun to decorate the carts with pictures of insects and fill the shelves with materials the kids could use to learn about bugs. Examples include lidded glass jars, tweezers, magnifying glasses, field guides and ant farms.

3.) Race into Reading

For an energy burning activity, you could opt to go with a race into reading lesson plan. It involves letting the children load the carts with stuffed animals and run relay races with them either on the playground or inside of the school’s gymnasium. At the end of the races, you could finish off the program with books about athletes, physical fitness or anatomy.

Book Truck Race
Image from Flickr

4.) Room to Read

It’s no secret that kids like to control their environment. So why not make that work to your advantage? Divide them up into groups and let each team use book trucks to create their version of the ideal reading area. They can create a friendly animal based on a family pet, mimic a famous work of art or create a scenic landscape as a book truck backdrop. Afterward, have each group explain why they choose certain elements for their personal reading space and leave the areas as is for the entire month. Perhaps it will encourage them to read independently during their free time.

Book Truck Decorated as Dogs
Image from Ruffles & Truffles

5.) Everybody’s a Book Critic

Finally, we can’t forget about book returns. During National Book Month, set up a makeshift voting booth and bulletin board near the book return. Then let the kids post book reviews and vote on their favorite books every time they use the return. At the end of the month, ask them to help you tally up the votes and put the reviews in book form for future classes to enjoy. If you need more excuses, you could then take the winning book or genre and decorate a book truck to celebrate that theme.  Maybe you class really likes Star Wars, or the science fiction genre.

Book Truck Decorated Like Star Wars At-At
Image from Unshelved.com

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