3 Tips for End of the School Year Organization

It is hard to believe that another May is here, full of glorious spring flowers and students with spring fever. As you celebrate another year of accomplishments, use these simple tips to get cleaned up and organized in your classroom. Before you know it, another school year will be starting!

3 Tips for Organizing Your Classroom at the End of the School Year

Declutter: Start with clearing out used up supplies and outdated materials in your classroom. Sorting through and getting rid of old supplies gives you the opportunity to take inventory and clear out unnecessary items. A good rule of thumb is, if you didn’t use it this year, get rid of it. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to recycle items or repurpose items in your classroom. Instead of throwing things away, consider putting your unwanted supplies and materials in the teachers lounge to pass on to another teacher. This is an ideal time to review classroom materials and books, and recycle or donate any items that aren’t current or useful to your students. Your desk is a good starting point for packing and unpacking your classroom. Place all your desk belongings that you want to keep in a box labeled “Desk” so you can easily locate and unpack everything come August. Painter’s tape makes great for labeling your packed up belongings. It peels right off, leaving no residue.


Clean: Once you have sorted through your materials and supplies, it is time for spring cleaning. This is the perfect time for deep cleaning areas of heavy use during the school year, including classroom rugs and student desks.

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Store: The end of the school year is the perfect time to assess your classroom storage needs. Think about where clutter gathers in your classroom and think about options for storage and organization. Consider different options for handling flat file paper storage or for organizing classroom supplies. Reviewing how you handle storage of seasonal activities or rotating lessons can also be helpful, especially when you couple your system with clear, concise labels.

If you are looking for more practical ideas for organizing your school classroom or other work space, please contact us today.

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