3 Must-Have Features for Your Next Projector

While projectors have been a staple in academia for decades, technology has contributed to its advancement as well as its obsolescence.  More and more classrooms are adopting individual screens such as laptops, iPads and tablet computers.  Simultaneously, the continued innovation of projectors has led to an emphasis on energy efficiency, enhanced screen output, and portability.  These options give schools tremendous flexibility in leveraging the optimal combination of technology based on their curriculum and budget.  Projector carts have also innovated which has led to organized presentations, lesson plan flexibility, and a centralized A/V storage thus making them invaluable for any learning environment.  If you’re looking for a projector cart that can wear many hats, check out these three important factors to look for when picking your next projector cart.

The More Shelves, the Merrier

The main or first shelf often holds the projector but having multiple shelves allows the projector cart to be utilized as a mobile classroom.  Everything from papers and folders to lesson plans and additional A/V equipment can be stored which means added flexibility if the teacher needs to hold class at a different location.  The Marvel Vizion Presenter Multimedia Cart offers multiple shelves and ample space to get your lesson plans done.

Marvel Vizion Presenter Multimedia Cart

Stands the Test of Time

Modern projectors have made the obligatory ceiling mount virtually obsolete but it doesn’t mean projector carts shouldn’t be structurally sound. This is especially important because they’re holding expensive equipment and students have a habit of leaning on carts (even if they’re taught not to) which means your carts should be able to endure bumps, leans, and mishaps.  The Wizard by Oklahoma Sound offers a sturdy, yet compact solution for your projector cart needs.

The Wizard by Oklahoma Sound

Retraction Action

Many carts are built with a laptop shelf that extends past the frame so teachers can comfortably operate their laptops at the cart while keeping the projectors at a standard height. Retractable shelves provide a convenient and safe storage for projectors, A/V equipment, and laptop computers.  These shelves can be retracted when not in use which leads to a small cart footprint thus making for easy transport and storage.  The Bretford Adjustable Multimedia Cart has retractable shelves as well as a locking cabinet which can accommodate countless learning environments.

Bretford Adjustable Multimedia Cart

A solid projector cart can make that next presentation organized, streamlined, and contributes to a flawless execution.  Check out our wide selection of Projector Carts and allow us the opportunity to help make yours go off without a hitch!

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