3 Lockers Your School Needs

Students need lockers to store textbooks and protect their personal belongings while they’re in school for the day. New lockers may seem like a hefty investment, however, updating your school’s lockers can refresh the building and deliver more efficient upkeep, both for students and for janitorial staff.

Lockers have a long shelf life and with some of these new locker options, your investment now will be bring benefits to your campus for years to come.

3 Lockers Your School Needs

Maintenance-Free Quiet Lockers

Built with quiet, continuous piano-type hinges, the maintenance-free locker not only cuts down on noise that might disturb classes, but also means that lockers won’t get stuck, preventing students from accessing much-needed materials such as textbooks.

These single-point latch lockers offer maximum door strength by incorporating a welded-in, full-height door stiffener. This extra strength construction provides a torque-free door helping eliminate the metal rattle noises generally associated with opening and closing hallway lockers.

Maintenance-Free School Lockers

The Maintenance-Free Quiet Lockers feature stainless steel recessed handles that allow the lock to sit fully-recessed into the door. This is for added safety while reducing vandalism and streamlining a hallway full of locker’s appearance.  Available in Single, Double or Triple tier designs, select 3-wide units for best value and order 1-wide units to fill in where needed to complete your overall locker configuration.

PRO TIP: Assembled lockers are highly recommended, but if you have time and solid DIY assembly skills, consider the unassembled versions for additional savings.

School Locker features

Antimicrobial Lockers

Locker clean-outs can leave an unpleasant odor filling school hallways as old food, dirty gym clothes, and various other items are discarded and lockers are finally aired out. With a special powder coat finish, the antimicrobial MedSafe locker offers twenty-year protection from such culprits as bacteria, yeast, mold, and mildew.

Antimicrobial Lockers

Also featuring stainless steel recessed handle with multi-point gravity lift-type latching protects the specialty finish from being marred by student padlocks. Only available in Single or Double tier designs, order 3-wide units for best value and order 1-wide units where needed to complete your layout. Due to the special antimicrobial powder coat finish, these metal lockers are only available in a neutral Platinum color. There are also plastic locker options available that features antimicrobial plastic to help repel bacteria and other germs.

Rust Resistant Lockers

Many students carry water bottles. Sometimes there might be spills in school lockers and, if not cleaned properly or in a timely fashion, damaging rust can eat away at the locker’s integrity. Great for locker rooms or athletic facilities, these heat-treated lockers resist erosion, prolonging the life of the lockers and the value of your investment.

Galvanite Rust Resistant Metal Lockers

Galvanite sheet steel components are fabricated of a specially treated steel called galvanneal. Galvanneal is steel that is hot dipped to provide a zinc coating and is then heat treated (annealed) to provide a hardened barrier that allows for a high quality powder coat finish. Louvered doors aid in ventilation, helping contents dry before their next use.

Consider stainless steel lockers which are also rust resistant and are ideal for the cafeteria staff, pool areas and outdoor applications. Their 304 stainless steel construction offers a rich appearance and provides a highly durable surface for daily use. 

Stainless Steel Lockers

Plastic Aquamax lockers are another rust proof option with dent resistant construction to boot. The AquaMax Plastic Lockers by Hallowell are perfect for use in wet environments such as showers, pools and the outdoors. Plastic lockers are fabricated from solid high density polyethylene panels (HDPE) for maximum strength and durability while providing corrosion resistance to most common chemicals. Other features include a continuous powder coated aluminum hinge and a projecting solid plastic handle with continuous full-height lift-type latch. 

AquaMax Plastic Lockers

Contact us to find out how you can refresh your school for the next academic year with lockers that help you protect against such damaging and hazardous elements as rust, bacteria, mold, mildew, and, ultimately, deterioration of functionality. Provide students with a safe, clean environment in which to store their belongings while reducing maintenance and noise pollution in your school.

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  1. Very informative post. Nowadays, most schools have lockers for their students. Because lockers can be helpful for students in many ways. They can help students keep and store all the things that they require throughout the school day. Thus, students can keep themselves more organized and productive.

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