13 New Must-Have Products For Your Office or School

Looking for some scary good savings this Friday the 13th? This list of 13 must-haves for your office or classroom feature the newest products at Worthington Direct to enhance your space. From teacher’s desks to preschool carpets, you’ll find something that will surely catch your eye.

1. Soft Rocker Soft Seating by Smith System

Soft Rocker in Beeline Geyser

The Soft Rocker is perfect for a collaborative seating area in classrooms. They’re even great in offices for informal meetings or down-time lounge spaces. Furthermore, they’re available in 5 color options and can be paired with the Soft Ottoman for a complete look.

2. Fuzion Series Teacher’s Station by Haskell

Fuzion Desk w/ Grommet

As technology advances, teacher desks and seating is advancing alongside to accommodate the new and improved classroom. And the Fuzion Series Teacher’s Station offers a centralized location for lectures, speeches, debates and more! Mobile standing desks are becoming more popular, as it gives the teacher more flexibility to move around the classroom.

3. Gather Round Rainbow Corner Carpet by ECR4Kids

6′ Corner Rainbow Rug

Preschool kids love story time, but when classroom space is limited, it may be difficult to create the perfect reading area. This bright and bold rug is perfect for smaller rooms and will be a great addition to a corner reading nook. Not only is it cozy, but it will also teach your children the colors of the rainbow!

4. Sage Padded Floor Rocker Chair by Virco

Sage Padded Floor Rocker in Wine

Floor rockers have quickly become the hottest trend in classroom seating. Not only are they more modern than the traditional classroom chair, they encourage collaboration and increase student engagement. subtle back-and-forth motion to encourage healthy sitting and offer ergonomic benefits in a one-piece-shell.

5. Juniper Classroom Bean Bag by Jaxx

Juniper Classroom Bean Bag in Charcoal

Another non-traditional, yet cool way to keep your students engaged in the classroom. These comfy bean bag chairs are also great for libraries and can even be used at home. Featuring a tough acrylic bottom panel to withstand abrasive surfaces, these chairs can be placed anywhere you want to create a cozy lounge area.

6. Aluminum Frame Enclosed Whiteboard by Ghent

Aluminum Frame Enclosed Whiteboard by Ghent

The perfect way to display important messages and announcements without anyone touching it. Unlike bulletin boards or letterboards, the whiteboard makes changing and updating your message easier than ever.  It features locking lock with key and allows you to display documents with magnets.

7. 2300 Kool Plastic Stack Chair with Tablet by KFI

2300 Kool Plastic Stack with Tablet in Light Gray by KFI

This attractive and comfortable chair is the perfect fit for almost any application. From reception areas, guest or side chairs, training / conference rooms or any multi-use application, the KFI 2300 Chair with Tablet can adapt to your needs and not sacrifice comfort and style. There’s also tons of colors to choose from, so you can match any color scheme in your space.

8. Dry Erase Adjustable Flipper Table by Mooreco

Dry Erase Flipper Desk w/ Red Edgeband

Markerboard desks and tables are becoming more and more common. Not only do they promote creativity, it allows for increased student engagement. These desk are excellent for collaborative learning. They can instantly turn into a group work zone, and back to individual desks again. The flipping and nesting feature optimizes the storage space when tables are not in use.

9. Hex Whiteboard & Bulletin Board Panels by Ghent

Fabric Wrapped Tackable Panel

These whiteboard and bulletin board panels offer a simplistic design available in a dry erase, acoustic, or tackable surface that looks like art. These panels assist in noise reduction in an open workspace, expand workstations, and showcase your company’s brand.

10. Sway Lounge Chair by KI

KI Lounge Chair in Skyline Lime

Sway all day with style and comfort with the Sway Lounge Chair from KI. Freely move front to back or side to side with this smooth 360-degree swivel chair. This is not your typical lounge seat, this is a chair that adapts to you! Perfect for conference areas, student lounge halls and study areas, and even game rooms!

11.  Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table by Amtab

Mobile Bench School Cafeteria Table

For schools, cafeteria tables are a necessity. You have to know exactly how many tables are needed and also assure that they will last for years to come with little to no maintenance. These tables are easy to fold and store, and feature casters that allow for easy moving and placement. If you’re looking to switch up from the traditional rectangle tables, AmTab offers a wave top table that’s pretty..wavy.

12. Cascade Maker Table by Smith System

Cascade Maker Table w/ 15 Trays

The large, 1-1/4″ thick table surface area and ample storage space provides a centralized collaboration area for experiments, robotics production & repair, and teaching engineering & physics basics. The 18-gauge steel construction creates a solid foundation ensuring years of use while the peg-board side panels offer convenient access to tools and supplies.

13. Tilt-Top Training Tables by Virco

Tilt-Top Training Table – 24″ x 60″

This cool table top has the ability to tilt from a horizontal to a vertical position by means of a lever. Designed standard with two grommets and perforated steel modesty panel. Metal surfaces are available with a powder coat finish. Four 2-3/8″ twin wheel locking soft casters. U-shaped arrangements ensure that everyone can see and hear clearly while angled rows are ideal for seminars and large spaces.




These 13 products are just a few of the many must-haves that can enhance your space! Contact us for more information on how we can meet your educational or office furniture needs.

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