Take a Seat: Two Questions for Selecting the Right School Chair

When furnishing a classroom, there is nothing more important to keep in mind than the needs of the student, both as individuals and in a group. As they will spend the vast majority of their time in the room sitting at a table or desk, having a chair that is comfortable, usable, and safe for each pupil is incredibly important. However, classroom chairs, like the students who will use them, are not one size fits all. At Worthington Direct, we believe that selecting the right school chair for your student can be simple and incredibly worthwhile if you keep in mind a few essential questions about the individuals in your class:

How old are my students?

This question is one of the first things you should ask yourself, as its answer has a myriad of implications about what will make their learning environment comfortable, accessible and safe. For example, a group of five-year-olds will require chairs that are low to the ground, without sharp edges or any small pieces that could come loose. Colorful chairs like the Creative Colors Mix and Match Children’s Chair by Mahar will meet these needs and bring fun and interest to a classroom of new learners. On the other hand, a group of older students with more physical academic work to do may appreciate a chair with storage space, like these Chrome Frame Chairs with Book Basket by Scholar Craft. Every age has its own requirements for comfort. The better these are met, the more positive and effective the classroom environment will become. Be sure and watch the accompanying video on how to properly measure your student to select the right size school chair.

How large is my class?

The size of a classroom and a group of pupils can greatly change a learning and teaching environment. If a class is of a very high level or on a specific subject and therefore of a smaller size, there may be greater emphasis on creating an atmosphere that facilitates involved peer discussion. Seating designed to aid in relaxation and socialization like The Chat Chair by Smith System will encourage students to collaborate in a more open environment. However, if a class is very large, a chair that is comfortable, easily moved and easily stored will benefit students and teachers as they navigate the full room. The IQ Series Sled Base Stack Chair by Virco provides a comfortable seat and, when no longer needed, can be easily stacked away to create more room for the class.

No matter the size or age of your group of students, the right seating solution can have a monumental impact on a classroom. Each pupil’s comfort level can make the difference between a day spent gaining knowledge and a day wasted on distraction. We believe that growth begins when an individual is happy- so take a seat, and contact us for a start to better learning.

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