Proper School Chairs – Tips for the Classroom

Being a teacher can be hectic. You are constantly dealing with a large group of children that can switch moods in an instant while having to worry about getting your lesson plan together and having to grade a seemingly endless amount of papers. The last thing you want to do is worry about what types of chairs your students will be sitting in. This is why taking a peek at our large supply of school chairs can help you get the right ones for your room, so you can keep you attention focused on everything else.

Virco 9000 Series School Chair
Virco 9000 Series- The Most Popular Chair on the Market

Size Of Chair

When you are choosing the type of chair you want, you should take in a couple of factors. First, how old are your children. You do not want to be buying ones that are too big or too small for your kids. Take a moment to look at a chair size chair that shows each common chair size in relation to the percentage of students that would fit in that school chair size.

Suggested Chair Size Chart
Save this Handy Chair Size Chart for Reference

Children’s heights can range wildly, so a good rule of thumb is to go with the larger size. The shorter students will manage a slightly taller chair much easier that the taller students trying to manage a shorter classroom chair. If you absolutely cannot tell from the chair size chair, you can measure the distance from the floor to the back of a student’s knee and match a chair listed in that size.

Type of Chair

Take into consideration whether you want only a chair or one with a desk built into it- such as a combo chair desk. Both offer advantages and disadvantages. The combo chair desk is unitized and means there are fewer furniture pieces to keep straight and move during cleaning and group study activities.  Combination chair desks are great for creating long, neat classroom rows and reducing the appearance of clutter.  There is more versatility with a separate school chair that can be used with a freestanding desk, large work table, or stacked to the side when not in use. Be sure to check the overall width of a school chair before making a purchase so that you know that it will fit between the legs of a classroom open front desk or table.

Material of Chair

The most common type of school chair features a polypropylene (soft plastic) shell with a chrome plated steel frame. These come in a full range of color, are lightweight and are often the most affordable option.  Solid plastic (hard plastic) chairs are more durable, smooth and often have longer warranties. Wooden school chairs offer a traditional feel and are favored by Montessori schools looking to keep their color palette neutral.

Solid Plastic School Chair
Solid Plastic School Chair

Other Uses

School chairs can come in handy even if you are not teaching a class full of children. You could have them as an easily portable sitting device for inside your office. Keep a stack of chairs handy in your school’s gym for special guests during a pep-rally, in the auditorium for backstage seating options. School chairs are designed for heavy, daily use by (sometimes) rough children so don’t be afraid to use them in almost any situation that calls for fast and simple seating.

When it comes down to it, getting the right chairs for your classroom is key. Keep in mind what type you would like as well as that you can ultimately use them in any number of situations. If you would like to learn more about school chairs, please contact us.

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  2. I had no idea that there are so many options when looking for plastic chairs. I remember using plastic chairs when I was in elementary school, and I thought I only remember there being two different sizes of chairs. I also like what you said about the different types of plastic used when making plastic chairs.

  3. In addition, many students rightly find chairs attached to tables somewhat claustrophobic and uncomfortable. In addition to being very restrictive. So the idea of ​​separate chairs and the tips in this article are perfect!

    This is for students with both different body shapes and those with greater learning challenges.

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