Students Voice Opinion – It’s not your grandfather’s library anymore.

Designers for the new Durango Public Library discovered that the community’s teenagers know what they want in their part of the building at a focus group held Wednesday afternoon at Miller Middle School. Seven students ranging in age from 13 to 16 shared their opinions and tastes with architect Katie Barnes and designer Marcia Hocevar of Barker Rinker Seacat, the firm that is leading the design team. Topics ranged from colors and furniture to features like neon and artwork the teens would like to see.

Worthington Direct provides colorful, functional and durable library furniture, storage shelves, room dividers and more that are designed with the wants and needs of the modern student and sdministrator in mind.

All of the participants agreed that different kinds of seating, from couches and window seats to office chairs – but no plastic – would be good in their 700 square feet of allocated space.

“It would be nice to have an ongoing art project instead of something that one person, who nobody remembers, painted five years ago,” Wyatt Lupton, 16, said.¬† Alyssa Shelton, an eighth-grader at Miller, agreed. She said that keeping things fresh and changing would make people want to go to the library to see what was new.

A linear strip of neon on one wall was the group’s favorite version of that graphic element.
“What’s the airport that has all that neon?” Tyler Gordon, 13, said. “Oh yeah, O’Hare. Let’s not do that, it gives me a headache.”¬† (Read More)

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