Screenflex Partitions- More Than Just Room Dividers

In addition to being a fantastic divider of space, room dividers have many uses which you may not have known about. Screenflex room dividers come in various heights and lengths. Offered are 38 exciting colors and 5 fabulous fabrics to choose from. These options allow you to customize your dividers to suit your specific needs or customize your dividers to be used again and again for a multitude of purposes. Here are some ways to use Screenflex:

Screenflex School Gym Conversion Into Classroom

Create Classroom Space

Depending on the type and size of classroom you need, Screenflex offers various heights and lengths to customize the perfect size walls for your school. Setting up a classroom with Screenflex is simple. For example, with one 13 panel room divider you can create several options for an open classroom for your students. If your room is 24′ wide, you can divide the room in half creating two 12′ rooms. Your second option uses the same 13 panel room divider and one wall by bending the divider into an “L” shape. This option creates an approximate 13′ x 11′ room. Another choice includes creating a “U” shaped room by using one wall and bending the 13 panel divider into a “U” shape, creating an approximate 7’4″ x 7’4″ room. There are many different size rooms you can create with Screenflex.

Direct Traffic Flow

Screenflex room dividers can be set up in minutes to direct the flow of traffic. Use room dividers instead of manpower to direct students or parents where they need to go. You will also see Screenflex at airports to designate a closed terminal or to re-route traffic. Several room dividers can be latched together with multi-unit connectors to create endless divider length.

Art Displays

Use Screenflex to display students’ art work. Art displays can be placed in hallways, cafeterias or any higher traffic areas. Art displays are portable so your art projects can travel to different parts of your school without the hassle of removing displays and setting them up again. Art Display Towers provide up to 68 sq. ft. on a three panel unit and 136 sq. ft. of display area on a six panel unit. Both art display models fold flat for easy storage and fold to require less than one square foot of floor space.

Back Drop for Speakers

Room dividers are the perfect visual barriers and help with sound control when speaking in front of a crowd. Create a custom sized room for the specific number of attendants to obtain an intimate space for your assembly. Dividers will also help to lessen distractions that an overly large room can produce.

Science Fairs

Create the perfect science fair booth with a back wall instead of pipe and drape. Tackable and sound absorbing, students can display their work on the acoustical panels. Your students’ display area remains neater and safer. The acoustical panels absorb 45% of sound for a better presentation.

Hide Construction Debris

During a renovation or repair, heavy tools, construction dust and debris can become unsightly. Keeping these materials behind the scenes will provide a safe and clear area in your room to enable you to run your class or business. Your class can continue without interruption or distraction and so can construction.

Screenflex offers an array of contemporary and unique ways to increase the use of your space. Create temporary or permanent classrooms by constructing curved, straight or angled dividers, set up private areas for educational or community based programs and have the ability to set up twenty classrooms in minutes. The possibilities are endless.

This is a guest post by Tina. Tina regularly writes about room dividers, utilizing space efficiently, and office fun at Screenflex Room Dividers. You can also find her on Screenflex’s Facebook page and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Screenflex Partitions- More Than Just Room Dividers

  1. Using a room divider is really a big help specially for those who need to have a partition but don’t have enough space.

  2. These partitions are often needed for exhibits and fairs, usually in a very large venue. It makes everything organized. It has a lot of use, I agree. So companies or schools should consider getting this because this is a necessity nowadays.

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