Portable Room Dividers as Art Displays

We’re thrilled to have an expert from Screenflex Partitions explain one great, but sometimes overlooked, possibility that their portable room dividers offer. Kevin Maas from Screenflex makes some great points about their more artistic side.

Showcasing students’ artwork is the pinnacle event of the school year.  It is a time to highlight the artists’ works of art as well as to connect with parents and guests in attendance. However, planning an art show takes time, creativity and a lot of hard work.  So finding the perfect way to display student artwork is essential to a well organized and welcoming art show.

Screenflex Art Display Portable Curved Wall

For over 26 years, art teachers have found great value in using Screenflex Portable Room Dividers as a cost-effective and simple solution to creating dynamic art displays.  These tack-able portable walls are designed from a cardboard honeycomb core covered with 2 layers of fiberglass insulation for sound absorption and increased tack-ability.  The panels are encased in a sturdy yet lightweight metal frame and supported by self-leveling casters for an easy set-up and cart off.

Screenflex Portable Art Show Wall for Schools

With over 36 sizes and 38 colors to choose from, endless configuration options and an array of options, Screenflex Portable Room Dividers offer you to the option to host an art show at the most convenient location for you and your staff.

“Our school uses your Screenflex product for our Spring Concert and Fine Art Exhibit and the Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are PERFECT for hanging artwork.  We have three, and may at some time in the future purchase a fourth. We used heavy plywood in the past and where ever they were placed, that was where they stayed…also the artwork would fall off and we would spend the evening rehanging work. We found your product is wonderful for not only hanging artwork (with push pins!) but then because they are so mobile, we can arrange the exhibit however we want. We have been using these for the last several years and I would never go back to anything else. Thank you!” ~ Arlene, MCHS Fine Arts Coordinator

Screenflex Mobile Art Display Wall

Screenflex double-sided fabric covered portable walls and display towers allow visitors to mingle around the display while viewing the artwork from all sides giving you plenty of space to display the works of art. No need to limit a number of items to display.


Because of their versatility, portability and tack-ability, Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are also an ideal choice to create meeting space, additional rooms, and information display board whenever and where ever needed.  Create a temporary display by adhering paper, pasteboard, or other lightweight items onto the panels with pins, tacks or staples.  For heavier or more cumbersome objects, our artwork hanger hooks over the top of the room divider for a more durable display.

If you would like to improve the look and space of your student art displays, we are glad to show you how Screenflex Room Dividers can help. Contact us for further information.


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