Portable Partitions: Dividing Rooms During Holiday Festivities

Portable partitions in the office and classroom might look overly familiar if you’ve ever dealt with isolating distractions in limited spaces. Screenflex Partition- Create a Party SpaceBecause distractions can be a major problem for some, having a partition is going to be essential in keeping a sense of focus. Especially during the holiday season, having a partition in an office or classroom might be mandatory when some employees and students have to work rather than enjoy a party.

Look for various partitions that can be sound proof or hold marker boards so classes or employee collaborations can go on without interruption. They also come in various heights to avoid any temptation to peek over the top at the holiday party happening on the other side.

Folding Partitions

Freestanding and heavy-duty folding partitions are also popular options when you’re never sure how much space you’ll need when distractions ensue. These partitions can extend to various lengths to allow you to partition off a larger area getting a little rowdy. In fact, you can basically turn one giant room into two with Screenflex brand partitions.

It’s perfect for when a holiday party is underway and you have a lack of space to move it anywhere else.

Portable Partitions with Display Capability

Sometimes when there’s limited classroom or office space, someone may want to teach or convey an idea to an employee in a partitioned area. With display capability or integrated marker board, these partitions can create a makeshift room within the room.Best-Rite puts out display partitions with vinyl or flannel surfaces capable of tacking any item. It’s perfect for teaching a child in a private area while other distractions go on in the vicinity.

In the office, a partition with a marker board would be perfect for a private collaboration between employees. Sometimes that can extend beyond a holiday party where a conversation turns into a business discussion needing demonstration. Setting up a partitioned area for discussion while the rest of the party ensues is an example of how partitions can work well in the office.

Sound Dampening Partition

Those ancient screens from Asia were never designed to cut out noise. Some portable partitions today still aren’t designed to cut out noise completely. However, a company called Angeles managed to design partitions that have sound absorbent capabilities. Sound Sponge Quiet Dividers can be set up in any quadrant of a room to shield away noisy distractions. They’re easy to store because they roll up and can easily be shifted into curved shapes. They also connect to one another through magnetic connectors.

Try these out if a holiday party is underway and a student or employee needs some time to concentrate in another part of the room. They go up to 10 feet in height so overly tall people won’t be able to see over the top.

During the rest of the year, there could be other distractions like construction sounds or even meetings. Distractions like this could potentially jeopardize the quality in the work of a student or employee. That’s why it’s a great idea to have at least one portable partition from Worthington Direct in your school or office.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments about the partitions we have in stock. Don’t let the distractions of the holidays take away your own concentration when it’s necessary.

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  1. There’ll be many more options available in market but the key to make the room partition look great is to chose the best option that suits and brighten up the look and feel of the place.

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