Maximize Your Space With Portable Partitions

Whether you’re in a classroom or an office, ample space is often a scarce resource. At times, you have to be really creative with the space you do have, making every square foot multi-functional. With this in mind, many people have found partitions and room dividers to be an easy answer to the space dilemma. Portable dividers allow you to change the layout and flow of any given space–and change it again at a moment’s notice.

Screenflex partitions are very versatile, come in many sizes and colors, and can even block up to 65% of sound. Gang multiple units together to divide large spaces. Order Wallmount partitions for more permanent applications.

The following are some easy ways to use partitions to maximize your area.

At the Office

  • Use portable partition panels to increase privacy or to divide off departments during projects.
  • Freestanding portable partitions can be used to create temporary offices in an instant.
  • Create a conference nook with whiteboard partitions.
  • Portable dividers with projection surfaces will provide an ideal spot for presentations.
  • Give each department their own space with laminate room dividers.

Screenflex Portable Partitions

In the Classroom

  • Create a quiet spot for reading or individualized instruction with kid-friendly Quiet Dividers.
  • Use 4 foot partitions which allow you to divide the room into centers and still see the children.
  • flannel divider is the perfect way to section off a reading area, providing a built-in story board.
  • Create mobile art or school work displays with a winged partition.
  • Turn a single classroom into two or more with large fabric partitions.

As you can see, portable partitions are as versatile as your imagination. Check out Worthington Direct’s large selection of dividers and contact us for additional information or help in choosing the right product to fit your needs.

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