Free-Standing Partitions Can Transform Your Office

Industrial design and other minimalist themes are popular for small offices. They give tenants great customization options and also help achieve a great look on a small budget. But sometimes, an open office floor plan isn’t the best fit for every circumstance. Add dividers and temporary rooms where you need them with movable room dividers. Here are four ways to create spaces when you need them.

Use partitions to break up departments with different noise levels.

Salespeople on the phone make more noise than contract analysts working on solitary projects. That’s not a bad thing—noise is a sign that sales are happening—but that doesn’t mean it can’t cause friction. Partitions give people with noisy neighbors a bit of a break. It also helps when one department constantly has people on the move and others need to focus.

Verse Office Panel Divider by Hon

Create huddle rooms with markerboard partitions.

Team collaboration is important for every team dynamic, and it makes your company stronger, too. Create temporary spaces where teams can meet and talk with a bit of a noise and visual buffer. Markerboard partitions also give teams space to take notes and brainstorm so they can save a picture for later.

Dry-Erase Room Divider by Screenflex

Have more blank wall space for video conferences.

Video conferences are an important communication tool. Your employees might be video conferencing clients, and team leads might be video conferencing remote employees. Even video interviews are on the rise. But when your office has an open floor plan, there’s going to be a lot of distracting chaos going on in the background. Even worse, letting clients and applicants see inside your office could create a security liability. Make everything more professional and orderly with a partition.

Panel System by Lorell
Panel System by Lorell

Give noise- or light-sensitive employees more options.

Open office plans aren’t for everyone. The low-level stress of too much light or noise can make fantastic employees start looking for other options. Instead of making them feel pigeonholed into moving on or uncomfortably bringing it up, leave spare partitions around the office. Employees can use them as they need.

Variant Office Suite with Storage Divider
Variant Office Suite with Storage Divider

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