Storage Solutions for Cell Phones in the Classroom

Let’s face it, you can’t go anywhere these days without encountering someone who is absorbed in their cell phone. It seems that children are being given this powerful technology at increasingly younger ages. This is very frustrating for teachers who work hard to prepare lessons, only to find their students more absorbed in their shiny little squares of silicon.

Bin Storage Cart

Although modern technology can act as a great learning tool, many teachers are beginning to realize that realistically, many students will not use their technology in a productive way. When teachers finally get fed up with this distraction in the classroom, there is only one effective solution.

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How to Know When Your Child Is Ready for Pre-K: Here’s What the Experts Say…

Sending a child to school for the first time can be a difficult experience for parents – partly because it is rarely easy to watch a child move on to that next, important milestone, but also because many parents worry that they haven’t made the right decision. Is my child really ready to attend school? Will he succeed, academically, or have I set him up for failure by asking him to achieve things he simply isn’t ready for? Will she fit in, socially, or have I endangered her emotional well-being by expecting things she isn’t mature enough for?

How to Prepare and Know When Your Child is Ready for Pre-K

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Parents Are Not Alone

Parents are not alone in their concerns. In fact, the U.S. government’s National Education Goals Panel made school readiness a primary focus of its annual Goals Report beginning in 1995, when it listed the topic first on a list of overarching goals for the United States public education system. In the report the NEGP – a panel of senators, representatives, governors and professionals – outlined the significance of readiness for kindergarten and elementary school and stressed the importance of access to a high-quality Pre-K program to prepare for it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, educators are just as invested in child readiness as you are:

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Find Tenants Faster with Prepackaged Office Suites

Real estate investing can be hit or miss, especially if you’re in a high turnover market like office buildings. As you build connections and long-term tenants bring in referrals, your vacancies will slowly drop off.

But whether you’re new to the business or have a new building, one of the best tactics for attracting good tenants is good office staging.

Desk Suite for office space

Here’s how office suites and prepackaged office furniture solutions can help:

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Whiteboard Blues? Glass Can Help!

Dry erase boards have become a tremendous part of our lives. We use them at work, at school, and even at church. As much as they have been helpful, they have also sometimes proven frustrating. As they age, or as we use the wrong cleaners, they can begin to look dingy or become inhabited by ghosts of images past. Many of them have to be replaced after only a couple of years of heavy use, and although they are sleeker than chalkboards, they lack the modern style many buildings deserve. Thankfully, glass dry erase boards can get the job done, and with additional benefits, both with functionality and in form.Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard

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