Why Reception Desks are Vital to Your Company’s Success

Reception desks are an often overlooked and underappreciated piece of commercial furniture. Yet, your reception desk could be the difference between a successful company or an unsuccessful one. Why are reception desks vital to your company’s overall success? Continue reading to learn how a reception desk makes an important difference in the way customers feel about your company.

Borders Reception Desk by NDI Office Furniture

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4 Logical Choices for Children Church Service Furniture

A church strives to be age-friendly and respectful. While older members of the congregation understand the purpose of a service, little ones are often confused. Recent studies have shown that a separate area for tots and youngsters is more advantageous for control and learning. The right furnishings within this room can help to keep everything better organized and available for other uses after the service is over.

Preschool 3-Piece Contour Seating Group by Childrens Factory


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