Service Dogs Love To Go To These Doggy Playgrounds!

We were recently introduced to a very special dog known as a “comfort dog” or a “therapy dog” and we were touched by the way these dogs interact with the people who need them.  Many times when people experience traumatic events, or even if we view those events on television, we can experience a sense of fear, feel sad and depressed and for some people, it can be difficult to open up and talk about their feelings.Dog Park Equipment

Of course, we know that being able to talk about how the trauma has effected us can help us process the sense of fear we sometimes feel. Expressing our feelings to a counselor or therapist can help us better understand those confusing feelings, like the feeling of helplessness when we realize there is nothing we can do.  This is especially true for people who view traumatic events from a distance.

The “comfort dog” is that ready ear and the unjudgemental presence that will instantly lift a person’s spirits.  Just being in their presence, and petting and interacting with them, will lower blood pressure and can often induce a smile in even the saddest person.  These dogs offer unconditional love and ask nothing in return.  They are a great tool for facilitating healing for the person who has suffered from a traumatic experience.

Because we appreciate these dogs, and all of man’s best friends for that matter, we carry a line of Dog Park equipment that will help create the places where dogs can practice good behavior, get exercise and learn socialization skills, and experience that sense of freedom that comes from off-leash time.  BarkPark equipment is made to last and is also made with the dog park’s visitors comfort and convenience in mind.

Some examples include:

BarkPark’s proprietary CanineCoat provides UV protection to resist fading and cracking and is also slip resistant and comfortable for your best friend’s paws.  This is the most reasonably priced, commercial grade dog park equipment you can find.  We are proud to carry it and make it available for our four-legged friends.

Contact us to learn more about creating a dog park oasis that will be loved by dogs, and their people too!

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