Outdoor Fitness Equipment Helps Recreation Managers Draw Walkers

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Helps Recreation Managers Draw Walkers

Warm weather is upon us and an increasing number of Americans are heading outside for a number of reasons. Is access to your outdoor fitness equipment one of them? If not, your Parks and Rec department could be missing out on a huge opportunity to draw people into your recreational areas. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s latest Participation Report, over 140 million people are likely to head out this year and engage in physical activities.

Bench Dip Station Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Invite Local Fitness Groups

Many fitness groups, such as Camp Gladiator, and personal trainers are looking for workout spaces outside of the traditional gym. Make your neighborhood park the perfect place!

Add a few outdoor stations that fitness bootcamp instructors can incorporate into their exercise circuits and you will have an active city park in no time.

These outdoor fitness clubs are great to for all ages and fitness levels and bring awareness to your hard work as a city park planner.

Appealing to Recreational Walkers and Runners

Exercise and walking are among the most beloved activities. Therefore, baby strollers, carriages and a variety of outdoor fitness equipment are ideal items to have on hand. The former is perfect for families that want to take advantage of paved walking trails and the latter undoubtedly holds wider appeal. A stroll in the park is great physical and metal exercise for childcare works and their students. For example, let’s take a look at the outdoor fitness stations offered by UltraPlay. It’s an American company with a longstanding tradition of manufacturing commercial grade products that meet both CPSC and ASTM standard guidelines.

Sit-Up Outdoor Park Exercise Station

Exercise Stations Offer Untold Benefits

Intermittent outdoor exercise stations have what walkers need, regardless of their pace. Among the most beneficial pieces in the are the Push-Up Station, Knee Lift Station and T-Bar Plank Station. They provide obvious, physical benefits to users.  For example, they strengthen core muscles, offer opportunities for stretching and building endurance in walkers as well as recreational runners. In addition, they may improve a walker or runner’s mental health too.

Push-Up Outdoor Park Exercise Station

How can pieces of outdoor fitness equipment provide psychological benefits to users? We’re glad you asked. For one, they’re excellent at lowering stress levels. Just check out this recent article in Health Place for more. And if you’re still not convinced, we recommend reading this June 2017 piece, which first appeared in Frontiers in Psychology.Both explore the mental health aspects of outdoor recreation in depth but there’s more.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for All Comers

With over a dozen pieces included from outdoor furniture maker UltraPlay,  find just the right stations to provide fitness equipment for your active community. To learn more about them and outfitting your recreational space with outdoor exercise stations, please contact a member of the Worthington Direct Team today.

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