The Rules of the Office: Working at Home

User-friendly home office really sells – Function, comfort key for productivity

The notion of universal designs in the home — or how to make interior spaces more user-friendly and accessible — usually comes up in kitchen and bath designs. But what about accommodations for ease of use in-home offices? Worthington Direct provides access to hundreds of desk, chair, storage, room dividers and other products that can help you make your home office a place thats comfortable and productive.

It is routine for large businesses to consider ergonomics, lighting and other factors when creating offices to make workspaces more functional.
Not so in home offices. Without the same access to design experts as big business, homebound workers are generally left to their own devices to choose desks, lighting, storage, carpet and chairs.
According to Dick Duncan of the Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University, in-home workers tend to pooh-pooh the idea of function in favor of low cost and product appearance.
In addition to applying good ergonomic principles, workers need to take their age and specific physical needs into consideration. (Read More)


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