The Importance of Form and Function for Office Chairs

At work, the little things can make a large difference. Given the number of hours that we all spend in the office, some ubiquitous elements of office life can easily fade into the background, including the humble office chair. But haven’t most people experienced the annoyance of a working setup that isn’t quite right? Desks may get more attention, but choosing the right office chair is vital to comfort and productivity, and can make a bold visual statement as well. Without the right chair, it’s difficult to settle in to work for a productive day. With the right office chair everything falls into place.

Modern Mesh

Mesh office chairs are lightweight, easily adjustable, and comfortable for a wide range of workers. A chair like the Ravi Mesh Back Task Chair can also add a pop of color and some sophistication to the area. Have fun with your office seating. Add fun wobble stools into the mix for areas used for brief meetings.

Red Office Chair


Adding a little color can be fun for workers and visitors alike. On the other hand, a sleek all-back mesh chair is arguably the most modern option. This type of chair will fade into the background, leaving visitors and clients to focus on other aspects of the décor.

It’s important to know which effect you prefer.Ravi Mesh Office ChairTraditional Leather

A leather chair is a classic. A chair such as Boss’s 800 Series Button Tufted Executive Chair combines traditional form and material while still looking up to date in a modern setting. It stands out from more minimal options, and would probably best suit an ambitious executive. Like an antique desk or carefully placed work of art, it sets the tone for the entire surrounding space, and isn’t easily forgotten.

Executive high-back button-tufted office chair

Of course, when it comes to office chairs there are literally hundreds of varying options available.  Your chairs can be of more modern or traditional styles, mesh or leather material, a classic black or bold color.

Any way that you look at the right office chair is a key part of a company’s setup and worth careful consideration. It is important to make both a functional and stylish choice.

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