The Evolving Office: Will the Action Office or Activity Based Office Win Out?

cubicle layout in a standard office has been fairly uniform for many decades.

Office Desk with active work area

And whatever your personal feelings are about having your office space enclosed within walls, things might be changing in the design of how an office is organized. Much of that could be the result of a massive cubicle redesign through an office concept introduced decades ago.

The Action Office

At NeoCon this year, some new variations on the office cubicle were introduced that were based on the decades-old Living Office designs of Herman Miller. While those initial Miller designs go as far back as 1930, these new evolving cubicles more or less take down the walls and bring modern technology into the work flow. The designs revolutionize everything from how we sit, file documents and interact with people.

All of this is designated the Action Office, and the features are more than a little intriguing. Will it change the cubicle layout as we’ve known it from the last 40 years?

Action Office Features

The most notable feature is the “office within an office” design that places tiny meeting areas near the main desk for more efficient employee interaction. This idea allows for short or long collaborations in one work area without having to walk to someone else’s cubicle or into a conference room.

Desks are also redesigned in a more curved way to allow for more comfortable use with surrounding and convenient display systems. Chairs have similarly been redesigned in an ergonomic way so better comfort can be had when sitting long hours. The desks, incidentally, can be adjusted to certain height levels.

And document organization has been taken to a new level with tiered modules that curve around a work station. This allows for better organization of documents while keeping them visible for easier retrieval.

The Activity Based Work Area

The Action Office may not be the only thing that could redesign the classic cubicle layout. The activity based work area may be coming to an office near you that ultimately takes down the cubicle walls. Similar to the Action Office, this layout is designed to utilize wide open spaces for more efficient teamwork.

So far, this design is being seen in startups where employee interaction has to be more open in order to quicker communicate ideas. It also provides needed space for offices that have to be more mobile.

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