Secure Your School with Portable Security Gates

An emerging trend in video surveillance technology could help tip off school leaders to potential acts of theft or violence before they even happen.  Secure areas of your school campus when not in use with Portable Security Gates, available from Worthington Direct.


Researchers and security companies are developing cameras that not only watch the world but also interpret what they see. Soon, some cameras might be able to find unattended bags at airports, guess your height, or analyze the way you walk to see if you’re hiding something.

Most of the cameras widely used today are used as forensic tools to identify perpetrators after the fact. To stop an act of theft or violence before–or while–it occurs, you’d need to be watching the camera at the time. But the latest development in surveillance technology, known as “intelligent video,” could transform cameras from passive observers to eyes with brains, able to detect suspicious behavior and potentially prevent crime before it occurs.

Surveillance cameras are common in many cities, monitoring tough street corners to deter crime, watching over parking lots or sensitive government buildings, and even catching speeders. Cameras are on buses and in train stations, schools, and stores. Most feed video to a central control room, where it is monitored by security staff.

The latest innovations could mean fewer people would be needed to watch what these cameras record, making it more feasible to install more cameras throughout a school building or other institution. continue reading

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