Office Chairs; Leather or Mesh: Which Would Fit Your Needs?

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re picking out office furniture. For chairs, the fabric or material is an important factor when making a big purchase. Key factors go into ordering the right office chair. Such as, will it be breathable and comfortable for clients or employees? Will it be easy to clean or stain resistant? Will the furniture be durable enough and easy to maintain for years to come? Is this in the budget? These key factors are typically considered for the best chair, you’ll be investing in this furniture to complete your space.

High-Back Tufted Leather Chair by Lorell

There are many key points to consider when deciding between leather or mesh for your office chairs.

  • Comfort/Ergonomics
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Design Aesthetic
  • Durability/Maintenance
  • Cost

Comfort or ergonomic features, does mesh or leather stand up for your comfort and support needs? There’s a tossup between leather and mesh office chairs on this topic. Leather chairs can provide cushioned and supple comfort. Plush leather chairs dance in the mind, even office chairs can be soft and comfortable for all sizes. Mesh doesn’t have that fantastic cushion feature; many mesh office chairs do have cushion seats. For ergonomics you’d want to look into mesh; there are more features and flexibility for the chairs. With a more breathable fabric mesh offers circulation and lightweight fabric, for hotter environments this could be more enticing than the stuffy heavy leather office chairs.

Keeping it clean, how easy is it to clean leather versus mesh? Mesh is a hard material to clean stains off of, keep in mind; if you have food around you may want to avoid mesh. Leather, on the other hand, is a durable material, it’s easy to wipe clean and keep sanitized. Simple spills are easy to quickly clean and leather doesn’t stain very easily. Cleaning mesh can take more effort and can absorb scents from the environment. Consider this and where your office chairs will be placed in your classroom or office.

Big & Tall Brown Executive Chair by OFM


Design Aesthetic is Simple

How do you envision your space? Leather is classic, its rich color and texture evoke a professional feel. Although design and colors for leather chairs are limited, the typical black or brown leather can be integrated into many design schemes. Mesh, on the other hand, is basic in appearance. The simplicity of mesh office chairs can create a technical and clean look, simple is a great word to describe mesh office chairs. Once you know what look you want for your chair you’re one step closer in choosing the best material. Here’s a pop of color your classroom may be in dire need of! Or create a classic and rich atmosphere with this gorgeous leather office chair.

Investing in furniture for your learning facility or office means you want quality and durability. The difference between mesh and leather varies as the quality of a brand is as important as the material. Keep in mind that leather is a heavy material and lasts a long time but can wear from being in sunny spots which causes bleaching and cracking of the material. Leather is also prone to scratches and scuffs that aren’t easy to get out. Mesh can tear and snag but can be repaired or replaced easier, mesh office chairs are lightweight so can be moved easily for quick fixes. With quality office chairs, both materials can last you a long time, as long as you maintain them.

Mesh versus Leather Office Chairs by Woodstock Marketing and Lorell

Cost is important for your budget, but looking at either material, you have a large variation in price and quality if it’s either leather or mesh office chairs. If you consider the pros and cons of each material and what you need your office chair for, you’ll be well on your way for picking the perfect office chair to suit your needs. Both materials are comparable in price- Worthington Direct has many chairs to meet your office and budget needs. For more information and questions about these products, along with many other classroom furniture options, contact us!

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  1. A leather executive chair would be a perfect fit for the workplace. It gives classy appeal as well as they are comfortable to sit.

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