Mission: Office Desk Organization

Everyone wants to finish a day at the office feeling productive and successful, but often it can feel like a challenge just to keep up with everything that piles up on your desk. These three simple steps will show you how to organize your office desk, allowing you to focus on the projects that truly matter for your success.

Organized Office Desk

1. Keep Things Together

This step is the best place to start for any organizing project, especially an office desk. Sorting similar things together allows you to easily find things when you need them. This process can be simple, such as putting all office supplies together and creating easy to use categories for files and other paperwork. When going through stacks of paper, try a simple system, like dividing items into keep, toss and file categories. Grab the office recycling can and be sure and recycle that valuable office paper; just be sure and shred any paperwork that contains financial or confidential information first.

2. A Place for Everything

Once you have sorted items, it is time to identify a place for everything.  Keep in mind that you want items that you use every day to be easily accessible, like in a top drawer or stacking files on the desk surface. Keep paperwork and documents that you use daily or weekly (things from your “keep” category) in a desk drawer and store files (from your “file” category) that you need for reference or for long-term projects in a credenza or hutch in your office space. Desk pedestal drawers can be purchased individually allowing you to expand your filing and sorting capabilities.

Office File Cabinets and Storage Hutch

3. Go Digital

In today’s business landscape, most documents are now transmitted digitally. Whether they are interoffice or from client to client, digital files and documents are here to stay. With the proper tools you can sort, organize and archive any digital file without every having to print out a hardcopy. (the trees will thank you!) Email services such as Gmail from Google utilize a powerful search engine allowing you to find past emails with just a few keystrokes. Google Drive is another great tool allowing you to save, upload and share files across the office, or across the world. It will accept and create Excel spreadsheets, Word Documents and presentations and is perfect for keeping you on the path of complete organization.

4. Regular Review

Office File Organizer

The key to a successful organizing project is to regularly review your system.  At the end of each day or the end of the week, take a few minutes to put items away. File away stacks of paperwork, tidy up digital files and your computer’s desktop. This type of regular routine helps reinforce the organization that you worked to create and ensures that you can start each work day or work week with a clean and organized desk.

Creating a organized office desk and work space is an important step in having a productive and successful work life. If you are interested in finding the right furniture to support your Mission: Office Desk Organization, please contact us today.

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