Making the Most of Your Workcenter

Teamwork in businesses requires easy communication, which teams sometimes struggle to achieve. People can wind up with disparate ideas of what a project requires and not realize they are on different tracks until they are yelling at each other across the room, which leads to people having to re-do work.

4 Person Workcenter Office Suite

The solution to the communication issue can be a type of office suite called workcenters. These are desks that are connected together with a low partition between the work spaces. An excellent example would be NDI’s PL Borders Series 4 Person Workcenter. Its transparent partition and crosshatch pattern let people show each other their work and thus cut down on confusion.

The workcenter can be a solution, but how do you squeeze maximum results from it? There are a few simple tips for getting the most out of them.

1. Put the workcenter in a part of the room where everyone has equal space. If one person is crammed in, they won’t have equal access to the work everyone is doing.

2. Encourage using the partition as a communications center. Put sticky notes on them and hang your completed work on them. This will clear up email inboxes and speed up projects because all the relevant information will be readily accessible.

3. Arrange people by project. Everyone, from the project manager down to the office assistant, can work at the same workcenter and thus keeping all the communication centrally located.

Open Office 4 Person Desk Suite

   4. Don’t be afraid to let work cross the partition. People can collaborate over and around them to get their work done faster.

Contact us to find out more about workcenters and how to get the most out of them. We have plenty to choose from and many ideas on how to use them.

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