Mailroom Sorter has Multi-Purpose Uses

Do you have an office that needs some organization?  Is the mailroom slow to deliver your mail?  Perhaps a new system is needed to help improve the flow of mail and memos that stream throughout offices everyday.  Worthington Direct, a great source for school and office storage furniture, has newly added E-Z Sort by Safco to their selection of quality institutational products.

E-Z Sort by Safco

It’s almost too E-Z! The E-Z Sort® mail sorter supports up to 500 lbs. on extra-thick 1-1/2″ steel legs. The table surface adjusts from 28″ to 36″ high and includes a shelf that has a 14″ clearance and 150 lb. capacity for additional storage space. Sorter Module features extra-wide 11″ mail trays that form any combination of compartments up to 25. Can be used stand-alone or stacked. Includes 20 molded compartment trays, each with finger cutouts and label holders. Shelves adjust in 7/8″ increments. Additional mail trays (Model 7753GR) available in cartons of 5.

Tired of the messy hand-off of mail?  Why not assign and label each compartment to a specific person and have them collect the sorted mail at their convenience.  General office memos can easily be inserted in each compartment or to save more time, use a small dry erase board to indicate that each person should pick up a memo and simply leave the stack on the handy table surface.

Aside from mail, the E-Z Sort unit can be used to organize paper or letterheads that are used on a daily basis.  Teachers can use the sorter in the classroom to help organize worksheets or assign compartments to students for great real-world training.  Visit today and create a more organized workspace today!


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