Find Tenants Faster with Prepackaged Office Suites

Real estate investing can be hit or miss, especially if you’re in a high turnover market like office buildings. As you build connections and long-term tenants bring in referrals, your vacancies will slowly drop off.

But whether you’re new to the business or have a new building, one of the best tactics for attracting good tenants is good office staging.

Desk Suite for office space

Here’s how office suites and prepackaged office furniture solutions can help:

1. Don’t let prospective tenants tour empty floors.

Whenever people are touring a building and determining whether or not they’re going to sign a lease, they’re going to try and imagine their company in the space. Office furniture helps you reap the benefits by providing clear perspectives. Whether they prefer an open office concept or will compartmentalize the work space give them clues to both possibilities. Use portable glass dry erase boards to act as semi-visual dividers. This will help delineate space without completely blocking the view of the space. 6 Station Office Desk SuitePrepackaged office furnishing units help fill in the space so it doesn’t look small or abandoned. Furniture also helps people accurately determine the capacity of the office space. Earn a life-long client when they don’t rent too much or too little office space from you.

2. Give your office spaces a sense of consistency.

Mismatched furniture looks cluttered and ragtag. It doesn’t matter if it’s the nicest furniture your prospective tenants have ever seen. Instead of trying to make sure different collections of chairs and desks match well enough, order a whole set of matching furniture for the office space. Not only does this ensure that every rental unit looks cohesive and professional. But you also don’t have to cobble together solutions for every individual space. Just order in bulk.


3. Spend time marketing and networking, not furnishing.

Office furnishings are important, but you have even more important things to do. Whether you own the building or you work for a property management company, matching renters with rentees is your primary focus.Two Person Office Desk Suite with StorageWhen you order prepackaged office furniture solutions, all you have to make is one decision before you move on to the rest of your to-do list.

Go to Worthington Direct to browse our selection of prepackaged office suites and other matching furniture sets to easily outfit any space.

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