Collaborative Desks in the Office: Is Privacy Overrated?

Collaborative desks and tables are starting to become part of new open space office designs that promote the idea of better efficiency.Collaborative Desks
Yes, the private cubicle in the office might have had its place in allowing employees to do things that couldn’t be seen by others. But is privacy going away in favor of being more accessible to other employees?

How Collaborative Desks Can Change the Psychology of Employees

Depending on your point of view, residing in a private cubicle may not be as good for you psychologically as being in a more collaborative space. The new thought seems to be saying that when an employee is sitting in a more open environment and using collaborative desks, they’re more apt to be openly engaged in work to avoid slacking. That’s because those employees might be afraid someone will notice them zoning out.

The above idea isn’t going to be appealing to everyone right away when the cubicle and traditional office desk has ruled offices for decades. Regardless, the collaborative desk or table doesn’t necessarily have to be out in the work area where all the employees are.

Collaborative Desk Use With Office Management

An emerging new trend is making executive offices more open and inviting for employees to come in and interact. It’s part of the new open office space idea as a way toward fostering more accessible communication in companies. While that might be more in use for startups at the moment, imagine the disconnect that could be removed in larger companies if CEO’s used a collaborative desk idea to invite employees in from different departments.

Collaborative Desks in Open Offices Places Everyone as Equals

The intention behind the open office is to eliminate the idea of a company being hierarchical. Much like students using collaborative desks in school to work on art projects together, the same desk in an office can give a sense that everybody is shooting for the stars together. During collaborations, employees forget who has more seniority over another.

Of course, a detriment is dealing with noise or interruptions. Some offices are already combating that by implementing sound barriers and light signals to indicate when someone wants to be interrupted or not. Yet, in companies that require everyone to be on the same page, the collaborative desk is the new tool that brings communication in the office to a level it hasn’t seen since ancients collaborated to build our world’s wonders.

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