Café Furniture Sets for Growing Businesses

Now that your business is growing, you realize that it’s time to create a break room that’s big enough to accommodate everyone on staff, but how? We’d like to suggest that you consider purchasing café furniture sets. Since they are sold as packages, furnishing an entire room is quick, affordable and painless. Plus, there are a number of different café sets to choose from. Here’s a rundown on five of the best ones:

1.) KFI Arched-Base Bar Height Table with Barstools

If you are working with a small or narrow space, consider choosing KFI’s Arched-Base Bar Height Tables and Bar Stools. The compact tables stand 42-inches high and the 30-inch tall, wooden barstool seats that go along with it feature comfortable contours that employees will surely appreciate after working a particularly long shift. The 30-inch table tops and non-stackable chairs come with your choice of wood finish and table top shape. As such, you may expect them to give any break room a traditional, warm and inviting feel.

Arched Base Bar Height Cafe Table by KFI

2.) KFI Silver-Base Café Table with Stack Chairs

If you prefer the convenience of stackable chairs and a more contemporary look, KFI’s Silver-Base Café Table with Stack Chairs may be more to your liking. Unlike the bar furniture sets, these tables stand 29-inches tall and come with at least a half dozen laminate color options. Round and square tabletops are available in two sizes, 36-inch and 42-inch. The matching chairs are made from stylishly shaped Beechwood and chrome and the sturdy 1” round, 18 gauge steel frame makes these chairs reliable and durable enough to handle any dining or lounge area with heavy use. The ability to stack up to five chairs high makes them convenient and easy to store away when not in use.

3.) Regency Cain-Bade Café Table with Stack Chairs

Do you want to be able to stack the chairs higher than that? If so, Regency’s Cain-Base Café Table with Stack Chairs may be the furniture set for you with the ability to stack up to 12 chairs high. The chairs feature sturdy metal frames with reinforced cross bracing and vinyl seats that can repel liquid and stains. Just make sure that you have a chair truck on hand when you’re ready to move them because each chair weighs around 14-pounds. The café table is super tough and easy to clean as well. Made from tubular steel, PVC and thermal-fused melamine, it protects against stains, burns, bumps and bruises. The table tops are available in various sizes ranging from 30-inches to 48-inches wide and can accommodate groups of four.

4.) OFM Cluster Seating with Laminate Tops

Does your break room have a lot of space to spare? If that’s the case, you might want to go with cluster seating by OFM. They seat four people and come in two different sizes. The larger size sports a 48-inch long, 30-inch wide table top and the smaller one is the same length, 48-inches, with a 24-inch wide top. All four seats swivel 360 degrees around with auto-return and can safely accommodate people that weigh 250 pounds or less. We love them because they are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are scratch-resistant, fireproof and waterproof.

5.) OFM Retro Bench with Stainless Steel Top

Lastly, you could go old school and purchase an OFM Retro Bench with Stainless Steel Top. They look very similar to the ones that were used heavily in 1980s roller skating rinks, pizza parlors and department store concession areas, however, the stainless steel table tops add a modern element to this throwback design. There are two steel frame styles to choose from: the center support, where you can enter from both sides, or the side support, where you can enter from one side. All of the sets are 48-inches long and top sizes range from 24-inches to 30-inches wide. Each set, regardless of width, can hold a combined occupant weight of 500 pounds and sit anywhere from four adults to six children.

Cafe Furniture Packages

To learn more about these five items and how to go about purchasing furniture sets for your café, please contact us at Worthington Direct. We sell top notch tables, chairs and other furnishings for businesses, schools, churches, daycare centers and much more.

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