Branding Your Company with the Right Office Furniture

As a small business owner, the work environment you create says a lot about you.

Wooden Office Chair with Sherwin-Williams Resonant Blue Paint
Wooden Office Chair with Sherwin-Williams Resonant Blue Paint

That means you need to provide a great work area that offers the right office furniture and atmosphere. Knowing what office furniture to choose depends on a variety of different factors.

Choose Office Furniture to Fit Your Brand

What do you notice when you first walk into an office space you’ve never visited before? Do you look at the wall color, the décor, the flooring, the furniture? Would you notice a jar of pickled pigs’ feet sitting on a desk? According to a 2013 survey by The Creative Group, that’s only one of many strange things that people have been known to have in their office space.

You spend money on marketing your company, on presenting a brand to consumers. You want your office space – right down to the office furniture – to reflect a similar image. It may be practical or fun, contemporary or traditional. Whatever style you choose, it needs to be consistent throughout and echo the image you want to share with the world.

Choose Office Furniture to Fit Your Space

Choosing the right furniture has to do with style, color, and price range. But it also has to do with the size of the space you plan to fill.

Maybe you need to fit a lot of people into a small area. The furnishings you choose will need to maximize that space. Perhaps you need to configure your office space to encourage collaboration between team members. A more open floor plan with workstations that keep workers interacting means no large desks or bulky filing cabinets.

Create a Workspace to Inspire Creativity

When it comes to arranging a workspace and placing office furniture, it’s important to communicate to employees what is and isn’t appropriate to display in their work area (like no pickled pigs’ feet). Advise them to leave inappropriate personal items at home.

Additionally, you’ll want to encourage good housekeeping habits. A cluttered and messy workspace sends the wrong message. It gives the impression that someone is disorganized and uncaring about his or her area and work.

The whole idea is that it is important to arrange work areas and office furniture appropriately to create a work environment that communicates the type of company you run. That means learning more about the right office furniture for your firm. We can help. For more information on office furniture features, styles, and pricing, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Some cool ergonomic chairs and desks can also make employees feel more creative and valued.

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