Be Healthier at Work with Standing Desks

We all struggle with being more active while being chained to our desks. In today’s work environment, so much work is done on a computer that being active is scarce. However, sitting is considered one of the deadliest activities we could take part in according to the PainDoctor website. He says “the longer you sit every day, higher your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and death. Although regular exercise can counteract the negative effects of sitting, even that is not enough to completely repair the damage done by a sedentary lifestyle.”

Luxor Electric Stand Up Desk

One way to decrease your health risk is by changing to a standing desk. Standing desks help to take pressure off of your lower back and help to decrease your risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Stand Up Desk by Balt Mooreco

Prevention Magazine references studies that have done to identify the health benefits of a standing desk. They found that using a standing desk helps you burn calories and encourages more activity.

According to Prevention Magazine, Harvard Medical School completed a study on how standing desks allow blood sugar to return to normal after eating. Whereas, Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center’s study shows workers were more likely to walk around and interact with people when they were already standing.

Focus Stand-Up Desk by Marvel

You will want to ensure you have a good chair still even with a standing desk. Four hours is the target goal to stand per day and it is recommended that you stand in thirty-minute increments to reduce fatigue. Prevention shares these guidelines for proper standing posture:

  • Computer screen at eye level
  • Computer screen 20-30 inches away from your face
  • Wrist flat on your desk
  • Arms relaxed at a 90-degree angle
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Shift your weight around so you do not stand on one leg too long or lock your knees

You can contact us for more information and help in selecting standing desks for your office.

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