5 Places to Put Privacy Panels

Do you ever feel like you could use more personal space at work? What about at school or at the store? Privacy panels can be used in all sorts of settings. Here are the top 5:OBEX office panel extenders

Office Building

Did you know it takes 10 to 20 minutes to refocus on work after an interruption? Add in stress and poor concentration from high noise levels, and it’s a wonder anything gets done at all. Using acoustic panel extenders and desktop dividers can reduce noise, boost focus, limit interruptions and give workers back some of the personal space that’s sorely lacking in today’s open plan offices.

Educational Environment

If concentration is important at work, it’s even more critical for students in today’s ultra-competitive learning and testing environment. Privacy dividers are a quick and cost-effective way to turn a table or other surface into a series of smaller “study pods” or testing carrels.

Healthcare Organization

There’s a good reason for HIPAA privacy laws – and it goes beyond just the fact that your medical history is no one else’s business. The moment you walk in the door at a hospital, clinic or ER, you are asked to fill out paperwork that contains everything from your SS# to your DOB and home address. A table equipped with privacy panels would give patients a place to fill out this paperwork far from prying eyes to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Retail Setting

In “big box” retail, there’s a trend toward making all kinds of consumer services available in-store. For example, you’ll probably see a tax preparer working out of a temporary cubicle at Wal-Mart. That’s a pretty exposed environment for dishing out all your financial secrets – and a perfect place to put in some higher cubicle walls.

Trade Show

A convention may seem like an unconventional setting for privacy panels. But they can actually be custom printed with a logo and company name for branding purposes. That way, you have great signage and a spot where you can talk to network contacts away from the hubbub.

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