3 Tips to Encourage Better Fitness in Your Office

Countless studies have shown that the sedentary lifestyle that can go along with working in an office can be devastating for fitness and health. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can improve fitness in your office. Try these tips, and you are sure to notice a difference in how everyone in the office feels.

1. Invest in Stand-Up Desks

One great way to encourage good health is to invest in stand-up desks for yourself and your employees to use. Even if you aren’t moving, it can be far better for your health to stand up and work rather than staying seated for eight hours or longer each day.

2. Create a Walking Trail

If you have the space outdoors, consider creating a walking trail with dirt, gravel or pavement around the building or the perimeter of the property. Adding outdoor fitness equipment along the path will help employees wake up, get active and clear their mind to improve their productivity for the rest of the day. If it’s easy for employees to get out there and walk on their breaks, they’ll be more likely to do it. Along with improving overall health in the office, it can also improve everyone’s mood to get outside and get active as well.

3. Provide Incentives

Consider providing incentives for employees who walk on your walking trail or work out in your in-office gym. Some ideas include allowing employees to leave 15 minutes early on Fridays. If there is some incentive for everyone to get active, you might be surprised by how many employees will step things up.

As you can see, there are ways you can encourage better fitness in your office. To find out more about stand-up desks and other helpful furniture for your office, contact us at Worthington Direct.

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