Jupiter Stool by OFM- New Product Spotlight

We’re kicking off the the new year with a product out of this world- introducing the Jupiter Stool from OFM.

Jupiter Stool in Red by OFM

These individual soft seating nuggets feature a unique side divot allowing multiple stools to nest in rows or other group configurations. The all chrome feet recall mid-century modern design and evoke the look of a space module’s landing gear. There’s no wonder where they got the name Jupiter Stool.

These individual seating pods have a 250 pound weight capacity and are ideal for reception and waiting rooms, libraries or school common areas. Available in five fabric choices, these soft seating stools can make a splash just about anywhere.

Jupiter Stool Color Options
Jupiter Stool is available in 5 colors

For a limited time these Jupiter Stools will be available with introductory sale prices from Worthington Direct. Don’t miss out on a chance to see the view from Jupiter!

880 Mobile Club Chair by OFM
880 Mobile Club Chair

For 2015 OFM has also introduced two other amazing reception seating options worth checking out. The Triumph Series and the 880 Mobile Club chair. These lines are also on sale for a limited time.

OFM has experience in reception seating with previous Uno, Recoil and Interplay seating lines, all with coordinating fabrics and vinyls. Another exciting OFM design is slated to be released this year so keep checking back to see what’s next.

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