Why Invest In A Permanent Booth

Industry tradeshows and product & service conventions are the ultimate arena for generating new sales leads.  However, not all booths are created equal and sometimes setting up a booth is more trouble than it’s worth.  Not sure if yours makes a solid impression on prospective clients?  Investing in a Prefab booth not only creates an eye-catching visual, it allows you logistics mobility which translates into easy set up & tear down so you can get more done in less time.

A Practical & Cost-effective Setup

If you find yourself planning out a schedule of tradeshows that requires constant booth set up, a Prefab booth is a practical way to meet your needs. They can go up year after year, saving time & money when it comes to how you set up your booth. Opportunity Cost dictates that if you’re spending large amounts of time setting up & tearing down, that’s missed opportunity exchanging business cards with vendors and closing sales.

Marvel Vizion Event Booth W/ Computer Monitor Mount Marquee Header

Eye-catching and Succinct

A unique booth also serves as a visual aid for returning tradeshow attendees.  Leave a lasting impression and they will be sure to go out of their way to see your new and exciting products & services the following year.  Curiosity is a natural human trait and it’s something you can utilize by having a compelling booth.

Some permanent booths can be augmented with a supplemental AV cart.  Since humans are visual creatures, An audio or visual on or near your booth can definitely grab attention from afar thus ensuring your sales team can spend more time educating and closing and less time soliciting foot traffic.

Elevation w/ Flat Panel Mount by Balt

Look like a Million Bucks

There is a delicate balance between booth aesthetics and the product you’re pitching.  A great booth can only attract potential customers; it’s still up to you to have a competent sales team and a compelling product or service that satisfies an unmet consumer want or need.  A pulled-together look reassure people they are dealing with a professional.

Worthington Direct strives to ensure your organization can put its best foot forward on your next tradeshow so be sure to check out our Event Booth selection!

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