Bulletin Boards to Welcome Spring in Elementary Classrooms

With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, now is the time to examine school operations and determine what improvements need to be made with regards to logistics and resources as students will soon be out on summer vacation.  Efficiency is always crucial to ensure students are promptly informed and know where to go for events and classroom changes considering the first few days of a new school year are always hectic.  A bulletin board that can be easily updated, deployed, and transported ensures students get to where they need to go in a prompt and efficient manner.

When considering a bulletin board for your school, it’s important to examine these several factors to help you pick the right one:

Mobility Matters

Last minute issues occur all the time.  Whether it’s one or several classrooms that become instantly uninhabitable due to plumbing, electrical issues or pesticide fumigation, the idea is to have a way to quickly notify students directly about classroom time, location, and event changes on the spot without having to search for a wall-mounted announcement section.  The Satin Aluminum Sentry Message Center by Ghent provides a secure and practical bulletin board solution that can be moved to any high foot traffic area for keeping everyone in the loop on changing events.

Satin Aluminum Sentry Message Center by Ghent

360° Visibility

While forward-facing bulletin boards are great for students entering or exiting the school, it’s also important to be able to notify those who are going in a different direction.  Similar to how mall store directories often have a 3-D design to accommodate shoppers coming and going in different directions, having a multi-directional bulletin board is a great tool to ensure you cover centralized, high foot traffic areas of the school.  The Vinyl Floor Display Panel by Best-Rite utilizes a modular design, allowing its panels to be arranged in different configurations depending on your school’s layout.

Vinyl Floor Display Panel by Best-Rite


Less is More

During times of mid-term exams, state-mandated aptitude testing, or special events, having a focused display solution is not only eye-catching but conveys special instructions to ensure a productive outcome.  For example, a sign that says “Quiet Please: Testing in Progress” offers a courtesy notice to those passing by to make that cell phone call outside instead.  Another situation could be a special evening event such as a concert location change or special seminar with a guest speaker where a small display can help direct visitors and guests.  The Customizable Rectangular Sign by Safco Products offers an adaptable and succinct display solution that’s perfect for any special event.

Customizable Sign from Safco
Customizable Sign from Safco


While no display board can notify every single student of upcoming events and location changes, having several solutions ready to deploy offers a heads-up to many students who then pass it along to their peers.  In addition, utilizing different display solutions creates flexibility since no two schools are identical in terms of physical layout and event schedules.  Because of this, we invite you to check out our comprehensive line of Bulletin Boards and Display Boards and allow us the opportunity to help you find the right displays for your learning environment!

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