The Importance of Quality Conference Room Furniture

The conference room of any organization represents its culture, style, and professionalism.  Some organizations such as law offices and large multinational companies opt for a conference room that exudes a traditional, yet contemporary ambiance which is consistent with century-old firms while others go for a sleek, elegant, and trendy appearance to reflect its forward-looking culture.  IN today’s 21st century, we are also seeing a continued integration of technology in many aspects of the corporate arena.  Investing in modern conference room furniture projects your organization’s culture in a professional manner while simultaneously enhancing productivity with the integration of technology.

Here are several factors to consider when looking for conference room furniture:


According to Jen Zobel Bieber who is a life coach based in New York,

“People draw opinions about who we are and how we operate based on what our space looks like, sounds like and even smells like,”

It’s human nature to form preliminary opinions about new places such as a new school, new employer facility, or new potential business venture office.  Having a conference room that visualizes your organization’s mission statement is critical to ensuring visitors, guests, and prospective clients feel comfortable, welcome, and get a solid first impression of your organization.  The PL Series Conference Table and Segmented Leather Conference Chair by NDI Office Furniture provides a classic, modern, and universal appearance that can accommodate different corporate cultures, non-profit organizations, and even library study rooms.

Pl Series Conference Table by NDI Office Furniture


The concepts of efficiency and collaboration are common themes with today’s startup companies as well as many tech companies dating back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s dotcom boom.  One example is Google which features a casual corporate culture and furniture that encourages collaboration.  In addition, many organizations tend to consolidate and maximize finite office space by not limiting the conference room to just formal conference meetings of upper management.  Conducting small breakout sessions, potluck luncheons, and centralized employee training can be executed efficiently in a conference room with the right furniture.  The Inquire Breakaway Conference Table by KI utilizes a modular design allowing different table configurations for different types of activities including holding traditional conference meetings.  Inquire Breakaway Conference Table by KITechnology

Imagine participating in a management or department meeting that suddenly stalls because a laptop or tablet that wasn’t charged and the presentation can’t start because someone has to run back to his/her desk to find the AC adapter.  Or how about a delayed meeting due to Wi-Fi connectivity problems?  When choosing the right conference room furniture, it’s important to also consider power as well as device and network connectivity options to ensure a smooth meeting execution.  The Prestige Rectangular Conference Table by Regency not only provides device, network, and power connectivity to ensure a productive meeting session, it also presents an elegant and classic oak look that fits perfectly with many corporate cultures.

Prestige Rectangular Conference TableSince we humans are visual creatures, a solid first impression can be the extra push that turns a prospective client into a multi-million dollar account.  Fortunately, we have a large collection of Conference Room Tables and Chairs to choose from and we invite you to contact us to help you pick out the best solution for your organization!

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