Libraries Welcome Digital Age Patrons

According to American Library Association figures, the number of librarians focusing on improving their facility’s technology continues to grow. Statistics also show that out of the 121,160 plus libraries in the U.S., at least 3/4s of them offer patrons access to an array of digital content. For those libraries that wish to become, or are already part of the digital age, having the right equipment is key. Digital Library Furniture

As more and more library patrons require computer access while researching materials, computer ready furniture is a must. Computer terminals or computer kiosks are not new to the library scene, and have traditionally had their reserved area among the rows of books. They hold a stationary desktop computer and are still a valuable asset for those in the community who would otherwise not have computer access.

But now many library visitors are bringing their own digital devices along for the their literary ride and need access to electrical outlets, USB and HDMI ports for sharing and reviewing their rich multimedia projects and resources. Library reading tables are not just for spreading out books, but are now computer ready and feature central power and data options. Handy to these tech savvy tables are mobile TV monitor carts allowing for excellent interactive group study.

Tables are not the only library furniture pieces being outfitted with power and data ports. Now there are many comfortable lounge chairs and sofas that feature power and USB ports to allow patrons to work independently on their laptops and tablet devices. These ports are seamless and allow those that choose to snuggle up with a good book, a just as comfortable of a seat.

Library conference rooms are often reserved by groups to review genealogy, historical events and to study for an upcoming exam. These rooms are not just full of static tables and chairs now, but full of interchangeable furniture pieces that can be arranged to suit each group. Collaborative tables and mobile conference chairs are the way of the future. These library media rooms are also home to secure projector mounts and retractable projection screens for digital demonstrations.

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