No Leaning On The Lectern

Take Command of the Room with Strong Body Language

What makes one presenter persuasive and powerful, and another weak and ineffective? Contrary to popular belief, the answer is not your content.

In his book Silent Messages, Albert Mehrabian reveals three elements that most influence an audience. According to his research, these three elements make an audience want to buy from you, promote you, hire you, and even want you as part of the team. In addition, Mehrabian ranked these elements in order of importance to the audience. Here’s what he found:

· Your verbal ability, or your content and knowledge about your topic,
counts for only 7 percent of the audience’s perception of you.

· Your vocal ability, or how you speak, including your tone, pitch and
inflection, counts for 35 percent of the audience’s perception of you.

· Your visual presence, or how you physically look while presenting, counts
for a whopping 55 percent of the audience’s perception of you.

This means audience members make snap decisions about your credibility and level of expertise based on how you look and sound, not on what you say. Amazing! That means your physical conduct and how you manage your body while communicating has more of an impact than what you actually say.

Granted, body language can only take you so far, and if you want people to be engaged with your presentation long-term, you will need to say something meaningful and your content will matter. But since body language sets up the initial perception, you need to know the following rules to communicate strong body language to your audience. Mastering these skills will give your message more meaning and impact leading your audience to act faster than ever before. (Read More)

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