Bariatric Chairs- Welcome Everyone to Your Medical Office

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 35% of the population in the US over age 20 can be classified as medically obese. Many of these people have a hard time sitting in traditional chairs made for smaller people. In general, a good portion of this population will be visiting their doctor more frequently because of health issues due to their weight, so it just makes sense that medical offices should invest in bariatric and oversized chairs to make their clients comfortable and welcome.

Bariatric Reception Chair by Lesro

Unfortunately, most obese people have a story about a chair that they don’t like to talk about. For some, it’s a chair they tried to sit in, but the arms were a little too close and they found it difficult to get out. Others have had the negative experience of sitting in a chair and finding it collapsing under them. Many overweight people are so afraid of this happening, they would rather just stay home than go out in public and have to face an issue like this again.

Oversized chairs are also very accommodating for pregnant women. While pregnant women are certainly not obese (and you should NEVER utter the word obese to one) ask any pregnant woman, and they could tell you that a little extra wiggle room goes a long way while waiting to see the OB/GYN.  Bariatric chairs are also great for parents holding small children, and all the bags and such that comes with infants. Guest seating can be compared to mattresses in that while one can rest in a Full size chair, one can really be comfortable in a roomy King size chair. Sometimes bigger IS really better.

Mystic Lounge Bariatric Chair by Lesro

Worthington Direct offers bariatric and oversized chairs so that these patients who need to come to your office can be assured they are welcome. We offer chairs that are wider in stature so that no one will have the fear of getting stuck. These chairs are also designed to hold more weight, featuring increased weight capacities from 300 up to 1,500 pounds so there is no need to be worried about the chairs buckling under extra pressure. Most bariatric chairs come with arms to help with chair ingress and egress, especially for the elderly.

We offer a wide variety of styles for whatever need you have, from standard waiting room chairs to oversized exam room solutions. We also offer stylish upholstered chairs for a more relaxed setting in consultation rooms. Some top brands to consider would be Lesro, Wooden Mallet, OFM and KFI Seating.

Newport Oversized Guest Chair by Lesro

If you feel like your medical office needs to be more welcoming to people struggling with weight issues, invest in oversized chairs to make them more comfortable when they come in for a visit. To find options that work for your space, contact us.

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