Think about walking through a “big box” store that carries everything you need in your school and the surrounding schools in your district.  Can you imagine the cost savings you could achieve?  Well think about it in another way.  How about partnering with other schools to increase you buying power and drive deeper discounts?  Volume buying saves money.  Read below to see how some districts are obtaining better pricing through this policy.

by Michael Fickes

K-12 schools turn to piggybacking, local, regional and national coops, and any other strategy that can produce volume price cuts, lower administrative costs and faster turnaround.

Jeff Kimball purchases supplies for approximately 160 school districts in Pennsylvania and Maryland. As the cooperative purchasing services manager with the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU), Kimball will spend $400,000 on behalf of 170 organizations, including the 160 school districts during 2004. Goods include computer and copier supplies, paper, cafeteria and custodial supplies, athletic supplies, cellular phones, art supplies, nonperishable foods and just about any other K-12 school supply you can imagine.

Under a program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, CSIU also solicits bids for major lines of computer equipment on behalf of Pennsylvania school districts, other intermediate units, vo-tech schools, approved private schools and state libraries.

Still another CSIU program enables members to purchase new roofs from top national roofing manufacturers, who have re-evaluated their prices to get on the coop’s list.

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