School Furniture Becomes Practical Wall Art

Today I’m going to work on The Great Wall of Fun. If you’ve read about my basement projects you know that I have “walls” I’ve created out of curtains that cover shelves of junk. But there is one remaining basement wall I have to deal with. The wall is concrete and ugly grey. It’s also not smooth at all and my solution is to just try to camoflague it as much as possible. Using a chalkboard, some basic tools, and a little imagination, this wall will become functional for work, fun for kids, and will provide a communication center for the home.

I’m going to prime the wall with magnetic primer. I haven’t used this product before so I’m really anxious to see how it’s going to turn out. I think I’ll try to get two coats out of this quart I bought just to make sure it works.

On top of the magnetic primer I’m going to use chalkboard paint. Another product I’m been dying to use. This does work, I’ve seen it used and I’m really excited to have a wall that I can write all over and then erase and start over. I have a hard time when I’m writing keeping track of characters and their backstories so I think this will a fabulous solution for me. AND it will be a big hit with the kids! (Read More)

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