Redesigning Your Company’s Breakroom

3 Ways to Redesign Your Company’s Break Room (and Why You Should)

Investing in furniture that customers will never see can seem like a poor investment. But more and more studies focusing on the productivity and wellness of employees indicate that focusing on employee comfort can be more profitable than changing up your customer-facing displays so often. No matter what business you’re in, your staff needs comfortable breakroom furniture to relax during their downtime. Here’s how to make it happen:

Midtown Rectangle Breakroom Table Set by KFI

Buy seats that aren’t foldable.

Foldable chairs used to be the go-to solution if you needed to save on space, but stackable furniture can do the same thing. Stackable furniture also feels more stable and less like an afterthought. Look for chairs that are comfortable and ergonomically designed. Not only is this better for employees who spend all day on their feet, but you can also still tuck the chairs out of the way when you need to.


Breakroom Plastic Stacking Chair by Safco Products


Make sure there’s plenty of storage space for dishes, condiments, and nonperishable food.

If your company’s break room functions as a kitchen, find the sweet spot between roomy and lots of storage furniture. This can minimize a lot of break room conflicts that come from there not being enough space or enough options. Also, if employees can comfortably fix their lunches, they’re less likely to leave the premises during their break. That means you’ll have fewer late returners.


Work Space Suite by Stevens Industries


Include a dedicated space for bulletins and notices.

It can be hard to make sure that every employee gets the information they need. Post notices in the break room near the door or the seating area so more employees get the information and are reminded of upcoming deadlines. Setting up a bulletin board also protects the walls from pinholes and staples over time, which is great for leased commercial space.

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