Introduce the Health Benefits of Stand-Up Desks to Your Office Staff

Stand-up desks are not a fad. Rather, they could contribute to the health of your office staff. A study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) showed that this contemporary office furniture reduced workday sitting time by 83.28 minutes per day at the 12-month use measurement.

Health benefits of reducing sitting time are well-known. Sedentary behavior has been linked to type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, the studied group of workers who used the stand-up desks did better in measurable job performance and work engagement.

A Mobile Workstation Encourages Good Body Posture during Computer Applications

The Mooreco up-rite standing mobile workstation is ideal for a collaborative workplace. Employees have the option of moving their desks together for impromptu meetings that boost productivity. Besides that, they can quickly shift their stations near managers and supervisors for immediate assistance.

Up-Rite Standing Mobile Workstation by Mooreco

The ergonomic cutout of the bottom portion prevents foot shuffling. Similarly, the way the keyboard and monitor set up on the desk encourages a straight back and posture. Office workers deal with back pain and similar discomforts from poor computer posture.


Combine Sitting and Standing Options with a Desk Retrofit


Up-Rite Rear Mounted Sit and Stand Workstation by Mooreco



The Mooreco up-rite mounted sit and stand workstation is a compromise. Your workers can choose to spend some time standing up and then sit back down. The elevated workstation adjusts. Best of all, it attaches to the desks you already have. There is no need to remove and reinvest in new furniture. It supports one computer keyboard and monitor.


Elevate Productivity with a Larger Pneumatic Desk Converter

For a larger desktop surface that allows for a dual monitor display as well as a separate keyboard drawer, you cannot go wrong with the level up pro 32. Your workers may choose to sit or stand with a simple adjustment. Best of all, you can move it to any surface, which is ideal for the employee who may have duties in different areas of the office.

Level Up 32 Pro Standing Desk Converter by Luxor

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