How to Properly Clean Your Classroom and Office Furniture

Taking the extra steps to ensure your classroom and office furniture is clean and germ-free is more important now, than ever. In order to successfully sanitize your furniture, it’s important to know the proper steps and techniques for each product.


Tenjam specializes in seamless soft seating. Their lines of soft seating features non-porous and waterproof flexible thermoplastic finish with a flexible foam core. The DuraFLEX series have no hidden pockets or stitched seams where bacteria could hide and multiply.

Tenjam recommends Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Soap as the most effective cleaning agent for the DuraFLEX surface and is the preferred cleaner. However, they provide a full list of cleaners that can be used on their seating in addition to their preferred cleaner.



ABS Tables

ABS Plastic Round Folding Tables by Mity-Lite

MityLite’s ABS tables are designed to be easily cleaned with warm and soapy water. For tougher stains, “409” or “Fantastik” cleaner can be used. It’s recommended to remove stains immediately to prevent permanent staining.

Folding Chairs

Folding Chair by Mity-Lite

Mity-Lite Mesh-One folding chairs can be sanitized using a mild household detergent or soap and water. Petroleum distillates should be avoided to maintain structural integrity.

Healthcare customers are recommended to use a 10% dilution of bleach and 90% water to sterilize the mesh seat and backrest. It’s important to avoid soaking the frame and squeezing water into the openings.

Marco Group

Marco Group manufactures classroom desks, student stack chairs, activity tables and more. With so many options, it’s essential to know how to properly care for each piece of furniture. Laminate and melamine surfaces should be cleaned with warm water and soap mixture and dried with a soft cloth. For more detailed information on how to sanitize your Marco Group furniture, follow this link.

Whiteboards and Erasable Surfaces

White Dry Erase Desk by Mooreco

After a long period of use, a film or haze may develop on the surface of the whiteboard. This is the result of the ink residue that might not be completely removed when the board is erased. Whiteboards can be given a thorough cleaning with a spray-on glass cleaner. Simply spray the surface and briskly rub with a clean microfiber cloth.

Rinse with clear water. For removing accidental permanent marks, draw over the markings with a high-quality dry erase marker. Wait 5 seconds for the marker to completely dry, then wipe both marks away with a lint free cloth or microfiber.

Beeline Upholstery

Configurable Soft Seating by Mooreco

The Beeline upholstery that is found on MooreCo’s and Smith System’s soft seating options is made from 100% EPU Polyurethane. With it’s easy to clean material, products can be cleaned monthly with a clean, soft, colorfast, damp, soapy cloth or sponge and rinse with clean water.

Treat stains quickly with water and dry with a clean cloth, if professional cleaning is not possible. For proper disinfecting, spray a 4:1 ratio water/bleach mixture on the fabric and allow to linger for the time specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Find a full list of recommended cleaners here.

For more furniture cleaning info, contact us today and we will be happy to help you keep your furniture clean and sanitized!



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