Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for Halloween

Halloween, a beloved holiday for kids, is an excellent time to use your classroom bulletin boards for intentional fun with a spooky flair. Bulletin boards are a classic fixture in American classrooms. Once used merely as decorations, to make a classroom look lively and colorful, today bulletin boards are part of intentional classroom design and student engagement.

Here is one great idea for a first-grade classroom:

Ghostly Math

  • Cover the Bulletin board with black paper for the background.
  • Use chalks or pastels to create a background scene or just cut out trees and pictures of owls and bats, pumpkins, and witches, to add if you aren’t very artsy.
  • Cut 52 ghost shapes from white construction paper.
  • On 40 of the ghosts write a numeral on each one, from 1 through 20. You will have two ghosts with each numeral when done.
  • On the remaining twelve ghosts place the operators -, +, and =. There will be three of each one.
  • Place the ghosts on a basket beside or under the bulletin board.
  • Section off three work areas on the bottom of your Halloween scene by drawing a line across the lower part of the board about twelve inches up from the bottom frame. Then, place vertical lines from the frame to the drawn line, to make three rectangles. These boxes indicate the individual workspaces.
  • Introduce the bulletin board to the children by explaining that they can to go to the board with a partner, when assignments are completed, to practice addition and subtraction.
  • Use the ghosts to form the math problem on the board: e.g. 20-4=16. Their partner checks the work. Then they switch roles.
  • You may want to place some extra ghosts, and a felt tip pen in the basket for students that are more advanced and want to attempt math problems using larger numbers.

For more great ideas on how to use your bulletin boards in an intentional classroom design, contact us today.

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