Active Seating Options for Your Flexible Classroom

Flexible seating arrangements have revolutionized the concept of a modern classroom. Teachers are moving away from traditional, restrictive desks. But many are left wondering how to accommodate their more mobile learners. You know, the ones who often fidget in their seats and cause classroom disruptions.

If you’ve recently taken the plunge to expand the seating options in your classroom, consider these great options for keeping your kinesthetic students comfortable and focused throughout the day.


Hokki Stool

Hokki Stools, created by VS America, are ergonomic stools with a slightly curved base, which allow students to shift their weight gently in any desired direction. The slight rocking motion keeps students from feeling confined and improves a sense of awareness and balance. The polypropylene stool is easy to clean, durable, and lightweight, making it a perfect option for elementary school work stations, small groups, or reading centers.

Wobble Stool by VS America


Zuma Rocker

Floor Rocker Chairs by Virco

Zuma Rockers by Virco are a great alternative to standard chairs when students are working independently or reading. The Zuma Floor Rocker Chair features the same stimulating benefit of a slight rocking motion but with a standard chair-like backrest. The Zuma also allows students to sit closer to the floor, providing a fresh change in perspective. The chair is available in two different sizes in order to cater to learning groups of all ages.



Zenergy Ball Chair

Exercise balls have earned a well-recognized spot in flexible seating classrooms. But, many educators have come to find that these balls often pop, roll, or present a safety hazard for students. Safco set out to provide all of the benefits of a ball-shaped seating option without these hazards. The Zenergy Ball Chair features a 17.5″ anti-burst ball that allows students to enjoy a slight bounce and encourages good posture as they work. The durable mesh keeps the ball from escaping and becoming a safety concern. The Zenergy Chairs are also available on a swivel base to allow for more motion and stability.

Engaged Students Using Zenergy Ball Chairs by Safco Products

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  1. Considering and applying ergonomics while setting up an efficient learning environment be it at school or home is very important. I have also used ergonomic desks and chairs for my 6 year old so he can actively enjoy his activities and learning in a healthy environment.

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