4 Advantages of Glass Dry Erase Boards over Traditional Versions

With the ability to provide excellent depth of field, good contrast levels, and plenty of ambient light protection, glass dry erase boards are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a contemporary office setting and/or conference room prop. Glass Dry Erase BoardsGlass whiteboards provide a solid, smooth, and reusable writing surface similar to that of more traditional dry erase boards, but provide a few added benefits:

  • Burn-In – Similar to picture burn-in from the older projection televisions, where you may be unfortunate enough to see Matlock’s weathered face permanently engraved into your set for all of eternity, old school dry erase boards can retain images and drawings from notes past after too many uses. This can make for distracted meeting followers and draw attention away from the marvelous flowchart you took the time to perfect. New model glass versions don’t experience this affect of “ghosting.”
  • Cloak and Dagger – Glass dry erase boards can become virtually invisible when mounted to a wall and blend in easily to a neutral background or whatever nondescript office decor your meeting environment may feature.
  • Let There Be Light – Add an LED lighted base to a glass whiteboard to give lettering a suspended in mid air look. This can add a certain impressive and high-end look to your display to garner some attention.
  • Branding – Direct printing technology can be used effectively with a glass whiteboard to feature your company logo, slogan, or brand name. This adds a value of customization that can be ideal for calendars, sports schedules, and more.

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3 thoughts on “4 Advantages of Glass Dry Erase Boards over Traditional Versions

  1. Our conference room at work has a whiteboard in it, and they want to switch it to a glass one. I had no idea that it can become virtually invisible when mounted on a wall. I’m sure that it would be nice to not have to worry about the look of the board.

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